16:35 – 17:25

Session 4: Standard Track 6 ‘Data to Tackle Global Issues and Dynamic Societal Threats’ Panel

Leveraging Data to Set Objectives and Make Decision: What Can We Learn from Impact Assessments?  The Experience from IFAD.

Moderator: Richard Caldwell (Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

01:35 (10th) (Brussels)

16:35 (Seattle)

08:35 (10th) (Hong Kong)


Location: Seattle

PAR 360

Panel abstract on Zenodo

[7009a] Sara Savastano † (International Fund for Agricultural Development). Going from Project to Corporate Level Impact Assessments. IFAD’s Experience

[7009b] Athur Mabiso* (International Fund for Agricultural Development).  Investing in Value Chain for Rural Transformation

[7009c] Carlo Azzarri*† (International Food Policy Research Institute). Women’s Empowerment for Rural Transformation

[7009d] Sinafikeh Gemessa* (International Fund for Agricultural Development). Investing towards Sustainable Carbon Neutral Livestock Development

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