15:45 – 16:35

Session 3: ‘Citizen Data and Data Governance’

Moderator: Ashley Farley (Associate Officer, Knowledge & Research Services, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

00:45 (10th) (Brussels)

15:45 (Seattle)

07:45 (10th) (Hong Kong)


Location: Seattle

PAR 360

[8028] Valeria Maria Urbano* (Politecnico di Milano), Federico Bartolomucci (Politecnico di Milano) and Giovanni Azzone (Politecnico di Milano). Determinants for citizens’ location data sharing with public institutions during a pandemic: the Italian case .

[8350] Zena Wood*† (University of Exeter) and Glen Hart (DSTL). Data Reuse: comparing the principles.

[3945] Trishi Jindal* (NLSIU Bangalore) and Srijoni Sen (NLSIU Bangalore). What’s a Record got to do with it?: Re-situating records management within Indian public data governance and policy.

[4616] Olumurejiwa Fatunde* (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Patrick Brock (UNHCR). Using automated text analysis to understand downstream usage of UNHCR operational data.

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