14:40 – 15:30

Session 2: Standard Track 2 ‘Data Technologies and Analytics for Policy and Governance’ Panel

[3891] Towards an Inclusive Data Governance Policy for the use of AI in Africa

Chair/Moderator: Chaitali SInha (International Development Research Centre, Canada


23:40 (Brussels)

14:40 (Seattle)

06:40 (10th) (Hong Kong)


Location: Seattle

PAR 360

[3891] Jude Kong* (York University), Ugochukwu Akpudo† (Griffith University QLD Australia), Jake Okechukwu Effoduh, and Nicola Luigi Bragazzi (York University) “Leveraging ‘Responsible, Explainable, and Local Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Clinical Public Health in the Global South’ (REL-AI4GS): Implications for Policies and Lessons Learned from the ‘Africa-Canada Artificial Intelligence and Data Innovation Consortium’ (ACADIC) project”

[3891] Jake Okechukwu Effoduh* (York University), Ugochukwu Ejike Akpudo† (Griffith University QLD Australia) and Jude Kong (York University) “Designing Data Governance Policies for the Inclusive use of Artificial Intelligence in Africa”

[3891] Ugochukwu Akpudo*† (Griffith University QLD Australia), Jake Okechukwu Effoduh and Jude Kong (York University) “AI and vulnerabilities in sub-Saharan Africa: The need for trustworthiness, reliability and equitable access”

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