11:00 – 11:45

Session 1: ‘Data and Methods to Inform Covid Lessons’

Moderator: Stefaan Verhulst (The GovLab, NYU)

20:00 (Brussels)

11:00 (Seattle)

03:00 (10th) (Hong Kong)


Location: Seattle

PAR 360

[7473] Wilson Wong* (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Charles Hinnant* (Florida State University), Lin Zhu* (National University of Singapore) and Alfred Wu* (National University of Singapore). Trust-Enabled Data Technology in Smart City:  Comparing the COVID-19 Contact Tracing App of Hong Kong and Singapore.

[3573] Nicholas Biddle* (Australian National University). Explaining Australia’s COVID-19 Vaccine Success, and Ongoing Challenges, Using Survey and Linked Administrative Data.

[7582] Zahra Movahedi Nia* (York University), Ali Asgary (York University), Nicola Bragazzi (York University), Bruce Mellado (University of Witwatersrand), James Orbinski (York University), Jianhong Wu (York University) and Jude Kong (York University). Tracing Unemployment Rate of South Africa during the COVID-19 Pandemic Using Twitter Data.

[5066] Vahid Shamsaddini (Sharif University of Technology), Mandy Chen (University of Washington), Fiona Victoria Stanley Jothiraj* (University of Washington) and Afra Mashhadi (University of Washington). Empirical Dynamic Modelling of the Multi-Source Park Visitation Data

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