11:10 – 11:55

Plenary panel – Use of high value datasets for policy making

Chair: Emanuele Baldacci (European Commission)

11:10 (Brussels)

02:10 (Seattle)

18:10 (Hong Kong)


Location: Brussels


Use of high value datasets for policy making

The EU data strategy aims to establish a sustainable framework  for the  reuse of data to support the development of the single market. Its ultimate goal is to generate economic value and wellbeing. Better access to public sector data is a critical cornerstone of this strategy. This session will focus on recent developments in the EU legal framework to accelerate the reuse of public sector data for evidence-based policy making and the challenges ahead

Chair: Emanuele Baldacci (Director of Resources and CIO, Eurostat, European Commission)


Jean-Claude Burgelman (Professor and Academic Coordinator of Open Science Policy, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Jon Crowcroft (Marconi Professor of Communication Systems, University of Cambridge and The Alan Turing Institute)

Francesco Mureddu (Senior Director, Lisbon Council)

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