Standard Track “Government Policy and Regulation on Data-Driven Innovations”

Chair: Professor Kira Matus (Division of Public Policy, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

04:35 (Brussels)

19:35 (4th) (Seattle)

11:35 (Hong Kong)


Location: Hong Kong

[929] Kris Hartley*† (City University of Hong Kong). Measuring the political perceptions of smart city programs: public awareness and government communication in Hong Kong.

[4076] Jing Wu*† (University of Tokyo). Performance of E-government in China during the COVID-19 period.

[3718] Gleb Papyshev* and Masaru Yarime (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology). The Brussels Effect of Artificial Intelligence: A Comparative Analysis of AI Regulation in the EU and Russia.

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