Special Track: Public data for private gain or public benefit? Debating the use of public sector data by private actors



15:30 GMT

Chair - Lucille Tetley Brown and Angela Daly

Location: Brussels (Virtual)

[118] Amrita Nanda and Vinay Narayan (Aapti Institute). Data stewardship for responsible sharing of public data – an analysis of stewardship models for better urban governance

[4320] Teresa Scassa (University of Ottawa). Public Sector Use of Private Sector Personal Data: Towards Best Practices.

[6521] Donna Curtis Maillet and Ted McDonald (NB-IRDT). Proposing a Bold Approach for Growth in a Digital Age.

[3438] Lucille Tetley-Brown (University of Glasgow), Angela Daly (University of Dundee), Esperanza Miyake (University of Strathclyde) and Annie Sorbie (University of Edinburgh). Unlocking public value from personal data? Brokering citizen-centred data-use spaces for the private sector – the Scottish Example.

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